What is Mitey Editing?

What is Mitey Editing?

"She out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had." Luike 21:4

Mitey Editing offers professional editing services exclusively to independent Catholic Authors, at exceptionally low rates. I decided to call this service “mitey” because of the parable in which a poor widow donates “two mites” to the Temple, a more generous gift than the large sums wealthy men hardly missed.

My Mite

Rather than try to build an editing career on well-paying jobs from corporate publishers or wealthy authors, I prefer to give “my mite” to support the rebirth in Catholic arts and letters by offering independent Catholic writers quality, professional editing services at ridiculously low rates. This is a leap of faith — I want to put the “treasure” of my talents at the service of those who are trying to shine the light of the Gospel into the nooks and crannies of an increasingly dark world. I’m a writer, too, but I’m putting my writing on the back burner so that I can focus on helping and encouraging other writers. So, I’m casting my bread upon the waters, to see what return God provides.

I hope to bring to bear all my varied experience and skills from teaching, writing, graphic design, and self-publishing to offer a full range of services to indie authors of both fiction and non-fiction, and I intend to help my clients promote their work, so that their writing finds readers. Just because my rates are low does not mean my efforts will be meager.

Your Mite

I know that independent (often self-published) writers may have few funds to spare for editing, but I also know that every writer benefits from a keen and dispassionate editorial eye that can spot the weaknesses in a manuscript and offer constructive suggestions. So I expect clients to offer everything they can in return for my services — but I leave it each client to determine what he or she can offer. My suggested fees will recompense me at a rate equivalent to the minimum wage (keeps me from the temptation of giving up and running to Whataburger for a job as a fry cook).

Even these low rates, however, may sound like a frightening amount to many writers. I know that indie authors, whether they are self-published or published through a small press don’t get advances from a publisher, and often are writing in the hopes that their books will bring in some income. So I invite counteroffers, which may include compensation other than, or in addition to, cash up front: cover credit, a share in royalties, bartered services, or anything else you can think of to sweeten the deal. Every offer, no matter how meager, will be favorably considered. If I could afford to work for free, I would, and I hope eventually I will be able to accept some jobs completely gratis. But I do expect prospective clients to be willing to give their “mite.”

Polish Before You Publish

One thing I will be doing gratis is offering tips on self-editing and self-publishing, here on this blog, which I call Polish Before You Publish. Every writer should learn to be a careful self-editor — even when you can’t arrange for professional editing, you can learn to hone your own writing to a fine polish. There’s a lot of self-editing advice out in the blogosphere, but much of it is directed only toward novelists, and little of it goes very deep into the craft of writing. I hope I’ll be able to fill in some of the gaps that I perceive in what is already available.

If you have any questions about Mitey Editing, please use the form on the home page, or leave a comment below.

Lisa Nicholas

Retired from college teaching, I'm now a freelance editor and writer living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When I'm not working for clients, I'm busy writing books, novels, and short stories, or blogging about literature and the moral imagination on my blog, A Catholic Reader.

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