What is Mitey Editing?

"She out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had." Luike 21:4

Mitey Editing offers professional editing services exclusively to independent Catholic Authors, at exceptionally low rates. I decided to call this service “mitey” because of the parable in which a poor widow donates “two mites” to the Temple, a more generous gift than the large sums wealthy men hardly missed.

My Mite

Rather than try to build an editing career on well-paying jobs from corporate publishers or wealthy authors, I prefer to give “my mite” to support the rebirth in Catholic arts and letters by offering independent Catholic writers quality, professional editing services at ridiculously low rates. This is a leap of faith — I want to put the “treasure” of my talents at the service of those who are trying to shine the light of the Gospel into the nooks and crannies of an increasingly dark world. I’m a writer, too, but I’m putting my writing on the back burner so that I can focus on helping and encouraging other writers. So, I’m casting my bread upon the waters, to see what return God provides.


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